Broadband connections

A data service designed specifically for our customers

We have a specialist service that has been designed specifically for Pioneer House. NE-ADSL overcomes slower standard copper line services by connecting into the National Ethernet Fibre backbone which uplifts the delivery speed of our internet service.

A high speed data service

Traditional ADSL products share their bandwidth with all the other businesses that connect at the local exchange. Our service is only shared between the organisations on our site resulting in significantly reduced bandwidth contentions.

A reliable data service

The service also has an automatic failover. In the unlikely event that the primary service develops a fault the service would seamlessly transfer to secondary service, ensuring you remain online and your public IP addresses are maintained during the period of the fault.

No line rental, flexible contracts and easy upgrades

Pioneer House Broadband is based on a simple monthly agreement which allows prevents long term commitment and an easy upgrade route. With our products you are not tied in for long periods of time like other Internet service providers.