Telephone Lines

Communication is key in business, so we offer telephone lines as part of our licence agreements to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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To be able to provide accommodation on a flexible basis, we have installed a sophisticated and reliable telephone system allowing us to offer telecoms services that dovetail with our licence agreements.

Our offices allow occupiers to move in within a matter of hours and to be immediately operational with telephone lines and data services. Gone are the days of having to wait for a network operator to arrange an installation date and then turn up to do the work!

With most telecoms suppliers requiring 12/13 month commitments on telephone lines, we do not want you to be trapped in accommodation that no longer suits your needs on the basis of your telephone contract. We are therefore able to provide accommodation and telephone lines on flexible contract terms.

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Pre-installed communications

A significant benefit of having installed our telephone system is the ability to immediately provide customers with telephone lines. 

Flexible terms

Our services can be provided on flexible terms allowing you to increase/decrease the number of lines and amount of space that you need as and when necessary.

Feature rich telephone system

Make use of our feature rich telephone system. All lines come with voice mail but a range of additional functions can be utilised including voicemail, diverts, hunt groups etc.