Leased Line Connections

When you move to Pioneer House, we can have you set up with a leased line connection and ready to go within 24 hours. 

No lead times - live by the time you move in.

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Here at Pioneer House, we have a 1GB leased line connection and are able to provide customers with connections. We understand that a flexible office space needs high-speed internet. 

Any organisation that means business needs fast, reliable internet access and that is precisely what our Managed Internet Access (MIA) product delivers.

Immediate Service

We have our own data network which allows you to be fully networked. Our products prevent the need for costly hardware purchases and you do not have to wait for a line to be provided and the service to be switched on.

Flexible Service

Not only do you get a choice of bandwidths but you can flex up your bandwidth, according to your business needs. Speed can be provided from 2Mb to 1Gb and upgrading is simple, quick and with minimal disruption to the existing service. This is normally within 24 hrs. How flexible is that!

Managed Service

MIA does exactly what it says on the tin. We’ll monitor and manage to the highest standards, from the connection at your location through to our gateways to the public internet backbone. And our technical support team is on hand 24/7 to deal with critical faults and support issues.

Resilient Service

For business critical applications, we can provide a greater level of resilience with the service. Our MIA technicians will help design a solution to give you added reassurance. For example, we can provide two independent connections to our network with automatic switchover in the event of one of them failing (dual-homing).

Competitively Priced

Our service is extremely competitively priced in comparison to the normal leased line providers with economical and fixed connection fees, (you will have no concerns over site surveys, additional dig costs and delays as this work has already been done) and highly competitive monthly rentals.

Flexible contracts and easy upgrades

The service is based upon on a simple contract with an easy upgrade route. We are able to provide various contract lengths from 3 months up to 3 years (unlike normal leased line providers) making the service a truly flexible product to suit your exact demands.

Leased Line Service

The leased line service can include hardware and is scalable at a truly competitive price. A connection of this nature provides your organisation with a high speed, high quality, reliable and cost effective solution for your business-critical systems. You also receive an assignment of public IP addresses for use with the service.

  • Dedicated internet access using our high-performance network.
  • Uncontended (no one else shares your bandwidth).
  • Fast and available at varying bandwidths (from 2MB to 1GB*)
  • Fully managed so there’s no technical or administrative burden on your people),
  • Supported on a 24/7 basis by friendly professionals.
  • Delivered to your accommodation using Leased Line & Ethernet technology

Optional Services

Shape your MIA service around your organisation even further by adding associated services such as security, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity, domain name registration and hosting plus SMTP mail backup.

If you need even greater resilience, our multi-homing option means you can automatically switch over to an entirely different provider’s connection in the unlikely event of a fault with ours.

Need a high speed data connection now?

If you take office space at Pioneer House we can provide you with services up to 1GB within 24 hours. There are no lead in times, we can have the connection live by the time you move in!

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